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Chronic Back Pain

Dear Donna,

I wanted to thank you for helping me with my chronic lower back and knee pain. My pain was affecting every aspect of my life, from my daily activities to the time that I spent with my family. I walked into your office not knowing how acupuncture could help me. You were very patient with me in answering all of my questions, and explaining a treatment plan to address my pain. Today, I am enjoying my life again. The activities that I have to do on a daily basis are no longer difficult, and I am laughing again with my kids. For my physical exercise, I am even able to play tennis. It feels very good to be relieved of the constant pain that I experienced. Thank you again for my acupuncture treatments.

Ruth P.


Couch Potato to Ironman

Donna has been my acupuncture physician since 2008.  After guiding me through significant weight loss, she encouraged me to leave my couch potato existence and pursue an active lifestyle. It started simply with just walking, which lead to jogging, 5K’s lead to half/full marathons and ultimately now to Ironman triathlon. Throughout this journey of transformation, I have encountered injuries and a variety of conditions, all of which have been mitigated through acupuncture:

Rotator cuff, sciatica, hamstring, IT band syndrome, chronic lower/thoracic back pain, along with women’s issues, stress/anxiety, allergies and migraine heads.

I’ve experienced numerous “ah ha” moments with acupuncture, quite dramatically with athletic recovery. In training for my first marathon, knowing I would be sore afterwards, I scheduled to have acupuncture after my first ever 20 mile run.  After having the treatment, later in the day I had no soreness or stiffness at all – as if the 20 miler hadn’t occurred.  At this point, I realized how valuable this healing modality would be for me as a fledgling athlete. During Ironman training, acupuncture erases my fatigue, decreases inflammation and pain, enhances my body’s natural ability to heal, and allows me to push myself further than I expect I am able.

As a seasoned elite athlete, Donna personally understands the demands of training and competition.  She is a very skilled, knowledgeable, and sensitive practitioner.  

Myself, as an aging “age group” competitor, realize recovery is key to longevity in triathlon or any sport. Acupuncture is an invaluable component in my general wellness and athletic recovery plan. I strongly recommend Donna Kini-Bowen, Acupuncture Physician, at Aloha Acupuncture as the best choice in natural healing for competitive and aspiring athletes.



Acupressure for Pediatrics

Thank You Acupressure!!!

I am so grateful to Donna Kini-Bowen for the acupressure technique she performed on my 8 week old son. Prior to the treatment, he had been having a difficult time having bowel movements. As his mother, it pained me to see him struggling and straining to pass his bowels, and when I mentioned it to Donna, she promptly did a little acupressure treatment on him. The results were almost instant. That night, he had a movement with little to no strain. Now, he is as regular as ever and aside from a little grunting to let me know he’s “doing his business,” he has no problems whatsoever. I know his ease is all due to Donna and her magical techniques. Thanks Donna so much . . . it’s a pleasure to have my son poop in peace.

Lori G.

Ankle Injury

Dear Donna,

Just wanted to let you know how much your acupuncture treatment helped me with my ankle injury and all of the pain that I was experiencing. Since I received acupuncture my pain level has gone from a seven to no pain. I hope that all is going well. Once again thank you.

David R.

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